Interview With…Alex Cubb

We chatted to Alex Chubb aka Scaredy Kat (Ru Paul’s Drag Race) about his and his partner Remi May’s new Youtube series The Bare & Klare Show.

Hi Alex, I hope you’re well. So could you tell me a little bit more about The Bare & Klare Show? Bare & Klare! They’re just two friendly bear friends! Their forest home was horrifically destroyed! They’re struggling to survive! Someone should probably help them! Seriously they don’t know how to live in a human world! They have a lot to say but should it be said!? Could we even learn from the things they’re saying?! Or is it all just really weird crap that we should laugh about and then immediately forget! Keep watching to find out! 

How did the idea for the show come about?  We wanted to create a show that combined our talents & interests into a weird surreal mash up of art, comedy, opinions no one asked for and, hopefully, thought-provoking themes. We have an unprecedented amount of ideas for more series and characters but Bare & Klare seemed to be the one that was right to do during these times. We have been working on these ideas since we were at school so there’s a lot more to come and it will only get more intense from here on out. 

How much fun have you been having in creating The Bare & Klare Show? The Bare & Klare show is the bestest most fun and thrilling project we have ever had the breathtaking joy and sensational honour to create! We have created a few music videos before this which, despite the sense of pride in the end product, were stressful and tedious to make. But now thanks to Bare & Klare every day is wonderful, the sun shines brighter and we smile wider as we wake, bake and create! 

What kind of subjects come up on the show? The series overall will cover a wide range of subjects including isolation, the environment, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, social media, how to make friends even if you’re destined to be alone, art and love. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and if you think it’s all a load of badger shite then you can at least think “well they still clearly did put a lot of time, effort and heart into it. In fact they did everything themselves; sound, lighting, music, animation, comedy, set, filming, directing, the script, in world where no one does anything themselves. I should probably still tell them it sucks though”. So really, it’s all about how the integration of social media and trash reality tv into our lives has given everyone the chance to dilute a product with their opinion therefore dictating how good and successful it is and rendering true fame dead. 

What do you hope the show will provide for audiences during this really difficult time? The hope for the show is that it will provide entertainment and, ultimately, enlightenment. Bare & Klare is the way forward and if you fight it now, it will only get harder for you later. We want you to giggle, squirm and jump for joy at our show and if, by the end of the series, it doesn’t make you think about what life has become then I’m sorry that we have failed you. Times are hard and life is tough – but now isn’t the only time we should be thinking about how to make things better. Take our sweaty hands and join us in walking towards a better future, one hairy foot at a time.

By Emma Clarendon

The Bare & Klare Show is available to watch on Youtube now.

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