Full casting has been announced for the upcoming livestreamed reading of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Today casting has been confirmed for The Show Must Go Online’s upcoming reading of Romeo and Juliet, which will be streaming live on Wednesday 27th May, 7pm BST here.

Robert Myles directs Gabriel Akamo (Prince Escalus), Gethin Alderman (Ensemble), Michael Bertenshaw (Capulet), Ashley Byam (Swing), Jonathan Cobb (Paris), Evangeline Dickson (Romeo), David Djemal (Benvolio), Kate Donnachie (Swing), Claire-Marie Hall (Montague), Sulin Hasso (Juliet), George Jones (Tybalt), Gilly Kelleher (Nurse), Melanie Lam (Ensemble), Andy McLeod (Friar Laurence), Azaan Symes (Ensemble), Adam Turns (Mercutio), Samantha Wendorf (Lady Capulet), and Natalie Winter (Ensemble).

The Show Must Go Online is a digital theatre company that is currently producing  live performances of the chronology of Shakespeare’s plays weekly.

Talking about today’s casting announcement, Director Robert Myles said: “This is one of the world’s most famous plays, and we’re so excited to tackle it in this new medium. We have a fantastic cast, and there are some great set-pieces, huge moments, famous lines, and challenging scenes when you’re telling this story over Zoom. The hardest moments yield the most creative solutions! It’s a timeless story of love in all its forms, of division, and it goes on this extraordinary journey from raucous comedy to romance to thriller to crime drama.”

The Show Must Go Online has established an opt-in hardship fund for all those who take part, which can be found here. Full details of The Show Must Go Online, including their previous shows, can be found here.