NEWS: Tower Bridge Asks for Public’s Help in Identifying Construction Team

With Sunday 31st May marking London History Day, Tower Bridge is issuing a public call-out to identify the construction team who helped build London’s defining landmark.

(image courtesy of London Metropolitan Archives)

The 31st of May marks London History Day, a day which celebrates the stories that remind us of the community spirit that Londoners have shown. To celebrate this, Tower Bridge has asked for the public’s help in identifying the construction team who worked on Tower Bridge as pictured in the image above.

Taken  in 1894 outside one of the tower, the picture depicts all those who were involved in the creation of the London landmark. Unfortunately, Tower Bridge knows precious little about the men, except judging by the hats they wear they are a mixed bunch of workers (flat caps) and foremen (bowler hats). They are also assuming that the man in the bowler hat  in the foreground bottom left might be David Harris, superintendent for William Arrol’s company, who supplied the steel for the Bridge.

Previous call outs have led to finding Tower Bridge worker Edward ‘Ted’ Forrest, and the discovery of a scrap book which Ted had created throughout his time at the Bridge, as well as numerous stories and anecdotes that were previously unknown. His photograph, as well as an interview carried out with his son, Philip Forrest,is now in place in the Engine Rooms where it can be viewed by visitors. 

Anyone with any information should send it to:

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