REVIEW: Going The Distance by Jonathan Antoine

The Britain’s Got Talent star is back with a brand new album that perfectly showcases the range of his vocals.

It is hard to believe on listening to this album that Jonathan Antoine is only 25 given the strength and maturity of his voice that is given plenty of opportunity to shine.

Having first been seen on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, with him and his singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli coming second in the final that year, Antoine’s career has been going from strength to strength having released (with Jaconelli) Together (2012) and Perhaps Love (2013) which reached number 5 in the charts. Then more recently, his two solo albums both topping the classic charts.

His latest album, Going the Distance features such a diverse collection of songs that really manage to capture the strength and range of his vocals. Songs such as ‘Country Roads’ and ‘Summertime’ really highlight the depth and warmth of his vocals, while still allowing him to put his own style on the songs.

Of course, perhaps the most confident performances come on the more classical numbers such as ‘Caruso’ and ‘Nessun dorma’ – very controlled and precise, it is easy to forget that Antoine is only 25 years old, making it even more incredible that he is able to put in such charismatic performances.

However, on occasion the only thing that is possibly lacking in places is that sense of emotional connection with the song. This can be heard slightly on songs such as ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ and ‘Baby Mine’ that don’t quite reflect as much tenderness as it could. This being said, these tracks do show how the singer’s vocals work in harmony with the orchestra.

Elsewhere, he offers a steady, sincere and wistful rendition of ‘Moon River’ which is a lovely addition to the album and unsurprisingly his voice works really well for the Les Miserables number ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’.

Overall, this is a lovely, diverse and confident album that brings together all of Jonathan Antoine’s vocal skills effectively.

By Emma Clarendon

Going the Distance is available to buy and download on the 5th June.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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