NEWS: New Immersive Venue to Open in October

One Night Records is a brand new socially distanced immersive venue that will open with ‘Lockdown Town’ in October.

It has been announced that One Night Records will launch in a location in the London Bridge area from the 2nd October 2020, with tickets on sale now.

This newly announced venture will have social distance policies in place including staggered arrivals, increased ventilation, masks for all involved, pre-ordered food and beverages, hand sanitiser dispensers in place and the venue being cleaned by professional teams every night.

The first production to take place at the venue is ‘Lockdown Town’ is a musical tour across America starting from Rock & Roll bursting out of the constraints of the 1950s, to then travel back in time. Audiences will watch the devil and country music dance at the crossroads, lose themselves in Harlem Jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, and arrive spinning into rag time and Spanish Flu.

Tim Wilson, Managing Director of One Night Records, founder of VAULT Festival and long-term collaborator with Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema, says: “We’re going to do it safely, but we’re going to get people back together and we’re going to give them an amazing night. The social distancing is part of the show so guests won’t notice it. We want to give Londoners something to book now and to look forward to.”

One Night Records and ‘Lockdown Town’ will open its doors on the 2nd October and run until the 31st December. For more information visit:

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