NEWS: Tête à Tête Announces Programme for 2020 Season

This year’s festival is based around themes of unreal and fictional worlds,impending political doom and apocalyptic futures, reflecting a real world in a state of unease.

(c) Claire Shovelton

Details for this year’s Tête à Tête festival have been unveiled today – including several operas that are grounded in imaginary worlds including The Minutes of the Hildegard von Bingen Society for Gardening Companions which reanimates a queer, feminist gardening society founded by 12th century mystic and musician Hildegard von Bingen, an opera of playful seriousness underpinned by extensive historical, musicological and speculative research.

Other highlights of this year’s festival, which will partially take place in the imagination, includes: The Bridge Between Breaths, in which deaf and hearing audiences meet in the connected space between breaths, whilst a painter responds to the sounds with brushstrokes on canvas, Karakoram – A Contemporary Opera, a yeti-based opera set amidst mountains which works to capture the fear of the unknown and The Agency presents an eco-noir socialist-feminist time-bending detective opera looking at the histories of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and capitalist repression.

Meanwhile, other operas included in the line up include Fruit Bowl, an absurdist opera which unpeels the story of a Kiwi and a Lime as they rot together in a fruit bowl while an evening of jazz, gin and partying swirls
around them and Beethoven Was A Lesbian is a show paying homage to the American Composer Pauline Oliveros in extravagant temporal drag.

For more information about the line up for this year’s festival visit:

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