Lady Gaga’s sixth album is bold, confident and filled with brilliant songs.

It seems as though Lady Gaga has come full circle with her latest album Chromatica. Following on from 2016’s Joanne she seems to have returned to what made her stand out in the first place with this edgy and spectacular release that fully embraces her individuality.

Throughout this album, there are plenty of songs that have got hit written all over them including ‘Stupid Love’ and ‘Babylon’ for example are just two of the many highlights of the album – reminding us all of her powerful vocals and the confident way in which she experiments with music.

Chromatica is also a release that has been cleverly constructed to feel like this is a real personal journey of growth for the singer as one song blends into the next. From songs such as ‘Replay’ to ‘ Plastic Doll’, there is certainly an element of reflection that runs throughout the album underneath the bold rhythms and beats that will certainly keep people dancing.

With this record, Lady Gaga once again manages to effectively blend a range of styles of music to create something that is so distinctive in comparison to the way other artists make music. This is really highlighted in the likes of ‘Free Woman’ and ‘Fun Tonight’ which provides us with a real reminder of just how unique as a singer she really is.

It would be fair to say that this is certainly an album that has something for everyone on it and feels like a real treasure trove of songs that we all need at this point of time. Lady Gaga’s power and confidence in her music really shines through on this album and is immensely enjoyable from start to finish.

By Emma Clarendon

Chromatica is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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