NEWS: Constella Launches Connecting Stars Project

The opera-ballet company has launched its Connecting Stars project to help alleviate two urgent problems presented by the Covid-19 pandemic – loneliness amongst care home residents isolated from their support network and the financial difficulties faced by artists whose industry has come to a standstill.

The company has launched free one- to-one virtual concerts performed for some of the most vulnerable people in society performed by some of the UK’s most exciting creatives who will be paid for their work.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the major issue of loneliness among the elderly has increased as residents have been forced to isolate from each other as well as the outside world. This is a problem that was recognised first hand by Constella founder Leo Geyer who supported his own grandmother in her care home. After performing for her over zoom, the composer was inspired to create Connecting Stars. Following
her recent death, Geyer has dedicated this project to her memory.

Meanwhile, Connecting Stars is also trying to support freelance artists who are also struggling in the ongoing pandemic and the effect it is having on the Arts Industry. Constella will connect artists who have worked with industry leaders such as The Royal Opera House, The National Theatre and
Glyndebourne with care homes from Penzance to Inverness.

The growing list of musicians,dancers and actors involved includes Ilona Suomalainen, Henry Rankin, Antanas Makštutis and Rachel Maby. Also performing are acclaimed violinist Philippa Mo, award winning soprano
Claire Wild, conductor and composer William Cole, as well as harpist Olivia
Jageurs, an alum of London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Foyle Future Firsts scheme.

Talking about the project, Constella Founder Leo Geyer said: “Our ambition is to support as many artists as possible and to channel their talent by giving heart-warming performances to the most vulnerable people in
society. We hope that by connecting with one another we will become a beacon of positivity, happiness and unity.”

To find out more about Constella and its Connecting Stars project visit:

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