NEWS: WOW Foundation Announces Global Festival

The free online 24 hour festival will take place between the 27th and 28th June.

The WOW Foundation has today announced details of a free online festival focusing on topics important to women and girls later this month.

Running cross all time zones over 24 hours, the festival, produced by UK based charity The WOW Foundation, will be curated by teams from all over the world including the USA, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Nigeria, the UK, Brazil, Australia and India, exploring both localised and international issues on two live stream channels.

The festival’s focus will move as the world turns, with viewers being able to tune into two channels The Global Channel and The Local Channel, with the programme being designed so that when viewers are watching during daylight hours, events will be generated from the audience’s own part of the world.

On The Global Channel, the events lined up will concentrate on six themes: education, justice, climate, health, the economy and violence. The localised specifics of these themes will be explored by different global leaders, community activists and young women in each territory. There will also be music performances from female artists from around the world. The Global Channel will be programmed in partnership with: Connected Women Leaders; Theirworld; Care International; UN Women and RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in War).

Meanwhile, The Local Channel will include contributions from places already part of the WOW movement – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, Turkey, UK, Nigeria, Brazil, USA, and Australia and the Pacific. There will be conversation, performances, workshops, music and more, all delivered in local languages. Each event will bring stories of resilience, leadership and examples of ‘building back better’. this channel will be curated by WOW partners including British Council (South Asia and  Turkey), Across Red Lines (the Middle East), Ake Arts and Book Festival (Nigeria), WOW Bradford (UK), Redes De Mares (Brazil) and WOW Australia / Of One Mind (Australia and the Pacific).

Talking about the news, WOW Founder Jude Kelly said: “Now more than ever, we need to find community; to connect women, civil society and governments and make women’s stories central to future planning across the globe. This is an opportunity to join hands, listen and ask ‘what do we need to change, and how’? Like many others, The WOW Foundation has had to go from live events to full online broadcasting in a matter of weeks, adapting to the technical challenge of lockdown. It is important that we utilise digital resources to connect women and girls in a time where existing issues of gender inequalities are exposed and exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.”

WOW – Women of the World Festival’s Global 24 will take place between the 27th and 28th June. It will be available to watch for free by visiting:

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