NEWS: Scottish Stars of Stage and Screen Release Tribute to NHS and Key Workers

The Scottish stars including John Barrowman, Alex Norton and Elaine C Smith have collaborated on the recording of ‘Beautiful City’ from Stephen Schwartz’s musical Godspell.

Released today, John Barrowman, Elaine C Smith and Alex Norton along with thirty West End performers have recorded a new version of ‘Beautiful City’ combined with messages to NHS and key workers working across the UK. The video was produced by Scots in the City.

When the pandemic hit, there were many tributes from theatrical groups, shows and individuals, all keen to pay tribute to the hard-working NHS, including the Irish theatre community and the Welsh of the West End. Now, as a way for Scottish performers to voice their appreciation too, West End performer Kieran Brown called up many of his former cast mates to unite in singing Beautiful City from Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz’s 70’s musical, Godspell

For the video, each performer recorded the song or a tribute message while in isolation at home.

Talking about the performance, Alex Norton (Taggart/Two Doors Down) said: “As Joni Mitchell says in her song, Big Yellow Taxi, ‘Don’t it always seems to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.’ It’s more important than ever that we protect our NHS. Stand up for the greatest monument to civilisation and humanity the world has ever known.”

The full list of Scots taking part is Stephen Ashfield, John Barrowman, Kieran BrownRonan Burns,Sabrina Carter, Elaine C. Smith, Steven Cree, Gillian Ford, Lyndsey Gardiner, James Gillan, Celia Graham, Alasdair Harvey, Jacqueline Hughes, Keith Jack, Adam Lake,Maggie Lynne, Mary Mac, Jai MacDowell, Lisa Mathieson, Matt McKenna, John Mclarnon, Gavin Mitchell, Alex Norton, George Rae, Emma Ralston, Jennifer Tierney, George Ure, Shona White, Natalie Williams, Lisa Anne Wood and Jordan Young. 

Kieran Brown from Scots in the City commented: “Whilst the NHS charity is highlighted, we would like to dedicate the video to every one of our key workers who have kept the country going – from delivery drivers, shop workers and postal staff, to bin men, lorry drivers and teachers … the list is endless. We owe all of you a huge debt and this is a thank you to each and every one of you.  Alongside our stars who have given their time and talent, I’d also like to thank James Doughty for creating the original track, Ben Dovey for his gorgeous orchestrations, Tom Crofton Green for violin skills, Chris Matanle for artwork, and Ben Hewis for stitching it all together and making it look and sound so moving.”

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