NEWS: Applecart Arts Invites Artists and Companies to Join Live Streaming Programme

Applecart Arts is launching a brand new live streaming programme from their venue in Upton Park.

Applecart Arts is inviting for artists and companies to use their equipment to stream live performance from Applecart’s theatre space as part of an online season.

The venue has a number of different locations that can be used for filming, in addition to the main theatre space with full lighting and sound equipment.

Artistic Director, Peter Moreton said: “The current situation is a challenge not just to overcome adversity, but also to explore a new artform with high production values: combining live and online audiences in a way that brings everyone into the space. We’re hoping to find ways in which the online audience can interact with the performance and make their presence felt. This is an exciting new frontier which has yet to be fully explored.”

Applecart is offering a box office split to performing companies, that enables the organisation to take on some of the associated risks. However, they are hopeful that the rise of online theatre and being able to cater to a larger audience than normal will mitigate some of these risks. There will be a fixed guarantee involved to Applecart, to cover the cost of staffing.

The venue is also working on ways in which companies and artists can walk away with a recorded copy of their live stream for further broadcast. Applecart will not take any cut of the income from broadcasts beyond the initial live stream.

The live streaming season will launch with The Flying Seagull Spectacular on Wednesday 15th July. The event will present both an exciting children’s show across the country, as well as demonstrating the full capabilities of Applecart’s broadcasting set-up. Other confirmed streaming events by the venue include The Emergent Sessions, an evening of jazz from recent Guildhall graduates and current students on 31st July, autobiographical show Bare Knuckle from Jake Boston on 4th September, and new
festival of hope, Dazed New World (12th – 24th October).

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