NEWS: Blackeyed Theatre to Stream Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

The theatre company has announced it will be streaming its 2018 production from Sunday 5th July until the 15th July.

With theatres still closed, Blackeyed Theatre has announced that it will be making its 2018 production of Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four available to watch for free online for a limited time from the 5th July.

This world premiere production was adapted for the stage by Nick Lane from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s second Sherlock Holmes novel. As well as being directed by Nick Lane, the production features music by Tristan Parkes, design by Victoria Spearing, costume design by Naomi Gibbs and lighting design by Claire Childs.

When Mary Morstan arrives at 221B Baker Street to request help with the mystery of her missing father, Holmes takes the case and together with his companion Dr Watson enters a murky world of deception and trickery, unravelling a complex plot involving murder, corruption and stolen jewels.

The production stars Luke Barton as Sherlock Holmes, Joseph Warrington as Dr John Watson, Christopher Glover as Dost Akbar, Ru Hamilton as Thaddeus Sholto, Zach Lee as Jonathan Small and Stephanie Rutherford Mary Morstan.

While the production is being streamed for free, Blackeyed Theatre would welcome any donations that people feel they are able to give.

Talking about the news, Artistic Director Adrian McDougall said: “Like any Sherlock Holmes tale, The Sign of Four is so much more than a detective story. As well as being a cracking adventure, it offers audiences today a glimpse of Victorian attitudes towards Empire and ‘otherness’ that have largely (though not entirely) disappeared, lending the play particular resonance in the light of recent world events. I’m delighted that through each of our online shows, we are managing to offer some financial support
to our artists, but we need public support in the form of donations to be able to continue doing so. Going forward we will be looking at increasingly sustainable ways to engage and entertain audiences.”

The performance will premiere on YouTube on Sunday 5 July at 19:30 and it will be available to watch free of charge until Wednesday 15 July at 23:30.

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