NEWS: Talawa Theatre Company Announce New Online Project

The theatre company are creating new online experience featuring six brand new short pieces using verbatim interviews from Black key and frontline workers.

Each of the six brand new short pieces will explore the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on Black key and frontline workers.

Titled Tales from the Front Line, it will examine the contribution of Black workers at the front line of the Covid-19 crisis, creating a lasting historical record. It will explore their relationships with British society and how the pandemic has challenged their perceptions of belonging, especially in the wake of the Windrush Scandal and the global Black Lives Matter

Talawa are speaking to a range of people from a wide spectrum of key and frontline workers, including Transport for London employees, supermarket staff, teachers, teaching assistants and delivery drivers, and draws contributors from Talawa’s Croydon home and across the UK. The interviews are intended to provide a space for these workers to share their experiences, and articulate their concerns and hopes for the future.

Meanwhile, artists will be able to use the testimonies to create a dramatised work featuring music, photography, movement, soundscapes and animations – however they feel is the best way to tell the story . All of the pieces will be made available this Autumn.

Michael Buffong, Talawa’s Artistic Director, said: “If not for Covid-19, we would findour lives dominated by BREXIT and the Windrush scandal. Covid-19 has exposed the fact those people most affected by these hostilities are the ones who are keeping the country alive, sustained and functioning. We want to gather and share these powerful stories from the front line to ensure that these contributions by Black British people cannot be erased
from the historical record.”

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