Top 10 Favourite Songs from Hamilton

Emma Clarendon has made a difficult choice of her favourite songs from the musical, now available to watch on Disney Plus.

It’s Quiet Uptown: some of the best moments in the show in my opinion come when it is reflective and this song is just so beautifully heartfelt. Coming at a devastating moment it really makes you sit up and pay attention as well as highlighting the power of grief and regret.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: this song nicely ties up the threads of the story – as well as allowing Eliza to take over the story. It is song that captures what Alexander Hamilton achieved in terms of how far the country progressed while allowing Eliza a chance to complete her own journey in the years after he died.

Satisfied: I always feel that the women of the show get the best songs in the show and this is captured perfectly in ‘Satisfied’. Performed with great intensity and passion by Renée Elise Goldsberry, it really captures just how differently things could have been had Angelica ended up with Alexander Hamilton. Her pain and sacrifice is so clear and relatable. It is also a really clever and memorable moment in the show in the way it unfolds.

Helpless: in contrast to the above song, ‘Helpless’ is such as simple yet charming song about falling in love. Phillipa Soo’s vocals are so beautiful and crystal clear, you really can’t miss the heartfelt and wistfulness tone that reflects the character’s feelings well.

My Shot: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music is so diverse in styles and yet somehow manages to capture the characters personalities. This is particularly seen in ‘My Shot’ where Hamilton’s passion and determination come through. It is one of those songs that you find yourself singing along to – whether you meant to or not!

Ten Duel Commandents: another really clever song, that highlights the rules of duelling in an engaging style. It is sharply written and performed in such an engaging style that it makes for a standout number.

The Room Where it Happens: once again highlighting the way in which Lin-Manuel Miranda uses such a range of musical styles, I love ‘The Room Where it Happens’ because it is so smooth and sophisticated in a different way to other songs in the show. It also has plenty of charm and personality that makes it another standout track.

What’d I Miss: put simply I absolutely adore the flair and confidence that Daveed Diggs puts into performing this song, more than amply supported by the rest of the cast. It is such a charismatic song anyway, but Diggs really gives it extra style.

Burn: another heartwrenching moment in the show, but Phillipa Soo performs it with so much grace and understanding, capturing Eliza’s pain and anguish perfectly. It is such a simple, stripped back song that works beautifully in the context of the show – a song that really sends chills up the spine.

Alexander Hamilton: as a historical character who had a lot happen to him before he was even an adult, it is admirable the way in which Lin-Manuel Miranda was able to capture so much of it in one song. It gets the show off to a powerful and memorable start, setting the tone for the musical perfectly.

By Emma Clarendon

Hamilton is available to watch through Disney Plus now.

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