REVIEW: Pick Me Up Off the Floor by Norah Jones

Emma Clarendon takes a listen to the new album from the singer.

There is always something soothing about listening to Norah Jones. Her vocals are consistently gentle and thoughtful, while her songs just wash over you and allows you to appreciate them at your own pace.

This is still the same feeling you get from listening to her eighth album Pick Me Up Off the Floor – yet there feels as though there is something deeply thoughtful and reflective in the lyrics that adds extra depth to the music. Particularly when listening to ‘Heartbroken, Day After’ and ‘Hurts to Be Alone’ seem to be suggestion of some emotional upheaval that really translates well into these haunting and gentle songs.

Each song ebbs and flows effortlessly and there is a consistent poetic quality that emerges through each song, not only ‘How I Weep’ and ‘Flame Twin’ that came from poems but also ‘This Life’ and ‘To Live’ that make you feel every hint of emotion in an understated way.

Though it is quiet and reflective, there is still a range of different styles that are used on the album that highlight a certain confidence. This can be heard on songs include ‘Were You Watching’ and ‘Stumble on My Way’ which are two real highlights of the album as a whole.

It is an album that manages to capture how many people have probably felt this year: anxiety, fear, loss – all tinged with hope, even if we never know what inspired Norah Jones to come up with this album it is possible that we can all relate to it. It is a delicate, sensitive but thought-provoking album.

By Emma Clarendon

Pick Me Up Off the Floor is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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