NEWS: BBC Releases Trailer for Strasbourg 1518

This new film devised and directed by Jonathan Glazer will premiere on BBC 2 on the 20th July.

Co-commissioned by Artangel and Sadler’s Wells, Strasbourg 1518 was inspired by a powerful involuntary mania which took hold of citizens in the city of Strasbourg just over 500 years ago. It is a collaboration in isolation with some of the greatest dancers working today.  

This new film will have its world premiere on BBC 2 at 10pm on Monday 20th July. It is being released as part of BBC Arts Culture In Quarantine; bringing the arts into the homes of the nation at a time of national lockdown.

Strasbourg 1518 was devised and directed by Jonathan Glazer, whose previous works include: Sexy Beast (2000), Birth (2004) and Under The Skin (2014). 

The BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine initiative is a service across the BBC platforms that will keep the arts alive in people’s homes, focused most intensely across BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Two, BBC Four, BBC Sounds and BBC iPlayer. It includes guides and access to shuttered exhibitions, performances or permanent collections in museums , galleries and performance spaces; topical arts through Front Row, Front Row Late, Free Thinking and ways to experience books with privileged access to authors including a collaboration with the Big Book Weekend amongst other initiatives.

Strasbourg 1518 will premiere on BBC at 10pm on the 20th July. It will also be made available on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

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