NEWS: Lemon House Theatre Launches Lemon Lounge

Following on from their double-bill of Different Sand and Willow at the Bunker Theatre, the company have announced a new six part series of talks where they chat to Queer artists and artists from the MENA diaspora about their experiences in theatre.

Presented by Lemon House Theatre’s Co-Artistic Directors Jennifer Cerys and Samia Djilli, each episode will involve them chatting to different artists about finding their community in theatre, and telling the stories that are too often missing from our stages.

Each of the talks are taking place as part of St. Margaret’s House’s REACH Online project to support the development of Lemon House Theatre’s plays Willow and an upcoming untitled project. As well as the talks, audiences will hear extracts from these works-in-progress, which are responding to the kind of questions raised by the artists in each episode.

The guests for the first part of the series are performers Jennifer Dixon, Teddy Lamb, Sophia O’Donohue, directors Hannah Hauer-King and Sita
Thomas, and producers Daisy Hale and Salome Wagaine. It will cover topics such as the future of queer theatre and why queer characters are often
experiencing trauma.

Meanwhile, the second part of the series will explore the
visibility of MENA artists on stages in the UK, and will include conversations with directors Janisè Sadik and Layla Madanat, and actors ImanBoujel and Roann McCloskey.

Each talk is released weekly until 20th August (including a one-week
break on 30th July).

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