PREVIEW: Atelier Picasso, BASTIAN

This newly announced exhibition will recreate Picasso’s Cannes studio as an immersive experience within the gallery.

Pablo Picasso, Carreau Visage d’homme, 1965

Using Picasso’s own objects including furniture, sculptures, ceramics,
drawings and prints, this exhibition will help bring to life the huge variety of Picasso’s oeuvre.

On display from the 3rd September, this immersive exhibition will show how Picasso piled the surfaces and floors of his studio with source material and original works. Included in Atelier Picasso will be a number of
photographs from André Villers, a close friend of Picasso since their first encounter in March in 1953. At the time when Picasso immersed himself into working in clay and was producing an overwhelming body of ceramic works, Villers produced many portraits of the artist offering an
unparalleled glimpse into his studio.

Meanwhile, Le salon de la villa will show Picasso’s studio within his famed Villa La Californie. Through this, the exhibition will show how Picasso took ordinary vases and plates and transformed thousands of them, twisting some into birds and zoomorphic shapes and painting others.

This glimpse into a recreation of Picasso’s South of France studio will aim to show how the artist was not content to work with one medium alone – experimenting with styles and expressions.

Highlights of the exhibition include Minotaure caressant une dormeuse from Picasso’s Vollard Suite; the mythical Minotaur was Picasso’s alter ego in the 1930s and part of a broader exploration of Classicism that persisted in his work for many years. For Picasso it expressed complex emotions at a time of personal turmoil, symbolising lasciviousness, violence,
guilt, and despair. Elsewhere, visitors can expect to see Gallieri
Jorgen Expose Les Lithographies de L’atelier Mourlot and Carreau Visage d’Homme.

Atelier Picasso will be on display at BASTIAN until 12th December 2020.

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