NEWS: Musical Theatre Stars to Perform in New Concert Series

Titled ‘Tonight at the London Coliseum’, the week long series of concerts will be streamed in September.

Jack Maple and Brian Zeilinger, on behalf of Take Two Theatricals have today announced Tonight at the London Coliseum a week-long series of concerts to be performed on stage at the London Coliseum by some of the UK’s best known musical theatre stars.

Set to be streamed in September, dates and streaming information have yet to be announced. Tickets, costing £15 will go on sale on the 14th August. A portion of each ticket sold going to the ENO Contingency Fund, a charity that is committed to bringing opera to as many people as possible.

Each concert will be headlined by a different leading musical theatre artist, with the line-up including: Sharon D. Clarke, Kerry Ellis, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Cassidy Janson, Ramin Karimloo and Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler. One of the seven concerts will be a performance of a new British musical, After You, written by Alex Parker and Katie Lam and starring Alexia Khadime and Bradley Jaden.

Tickets for the concerts will go on sale on the 14th August. To sign up for more information visit:

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