Review Round Up: Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers, Design Museum

The Design Museum has now once again opened its doors to the public with a new exhibition that transports visitors through the people, art, design, technology and photography that have been shaping the electronic music landscape. Find out what critics thought here:

(c) Peter Boettcher

Evening Standard: ***** “It’s riveting, and as we leave in a pleasantly dizzied haze, there’s a lasting conviction that dance music- with all the culture, art, history and humanity that goes with it – must be saved.”

The Guardian: ***** “It feels like electronic music’s proof of concept, pulling together music, film, fashion and modern dance into one dizzying sensory experience. Even more than 1024’s room of serried rods that light up in response to Garnier’s music, it offers a pungent taste of what is otherwise only depicted.”

iNews: **** “a pulsing panorama of electronic sound, its machines, its graphics, its spaces and the tribes that venerate its various forms. A bespoke audio history has been mixed for the show by French DJ Laurent Garnier.”

The Telegraph: **** ” It has arrived in the Covid summer with a self-consciously anxious air. These images of exhilaration are scenes from another world – not ours, not any more.” “an exhibition that brilliantly pieces together a huge jigsaw of electronic art, design and inspiring history.”

The Times: **** “For once the masks don’t feel out of place. The link between electronic music and face coverings goes back decades; there’s even a corner devoted to it at the Design Museum’s immersive new celebration of beats and bleeps.”

The FT: “it provides a powerful argument in support of the importance and vitality of electronic music, and a counter-narrative to those who still maintain that it is somehow not “real” music.”

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers is on display at the Design Museum until the 14th February 2021.

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