REVIEW: Folklore by Taylor Swift

This unexpected album from the singer is wonderfully mature and lyrical.

Taylor Swift’s eighth album following on from 2019’s Lover sees her taking a quieter and more understated approach to her music that really offers beautiful storytelling.

Through every track on Folklore, there is a wonderfully haunting atmosphere that really captures Swift’s mature lyrics and strong sense of storytelling that is evident on tracks such as heard on ‘the 1’ and ‘my tears ricochet’. The combination of wistfulness and poetic quality to these songs immediately capture the attention and the heart in an understated way.

What makes Taylor Swift’s songs so unique and distinctive is the way she is able to subtly switch between styles – as evidenced by the contrasting styles between ‘Seven’ which stands out with its confident style, in contrast to the warm cosy style of ‘August’ – even with its slightly melancholy lyrics.

The whole vibe of the album is one of quietness and reflection that is particularly heard during ‘Cardigan’ and the moodiness of Swift and Bon Iver’s duet ‘exile’. There is no weak link between each song, meaning that Folklore flows along gently and confidently.

Perhaps sixteen tracks does seem a little bit excessive, but what is clear is that Swift has felt particularly inspired by the isolation that this year has brought, with songs such as ‘epiphany’, ‘this is me trying’ and ‘illicit affairs’ proving to be real highlights of the album.

As with her previous albums, Taylor Swift has once again proved the depth, thoughtfulness and feeling that she applies to her music so consistently well.

Overall, with Folklore Taylor Swift offers an album that perfectly captures the diversity of her songwriting skills with wonderful maturity. It might be simple and straightforward storytelling but there is no denying that it is an immensely enjoyable album to cosy up to.

By Emma Clarendon

Folklore is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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