Review Round Up: Gauguin and the Impressionists, Royal Academy of Arts

Find out what critics have had to say about the latest exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Paul Gauguin, Portrait of a Young Girl (Vaïte ‘Jeanne’ Goupil) (detail), 1896.

The Telegraph: **** “Packed with riches, this show cleverly reminds us just how much the collecting of art shapes our later interpretation of it.”

The Observer: **** “It feels like a museum of French painting in miniature. But Hansen’s passions weren’t conventional; they reveal a taste for originality, for the humane, the unexpected and the atypical among artists of the French avant garde.”

iNews: *** “It is deliciously refreshing stepping out of the sticky August warmth into a room full of spring orchards heavy with lush blossoms and wine-laden barges on cool, slow flowing rivers.”

The Times:*** ” A Danish collection serves up Monet, Matisse and Degas, but Gauguin stands out for Laura Freeman”

The Upcoming: **** “Gauguin and the Impressionists ​offers a rare opportunity in this country for gallery-goers to view some of the highlights of this impressive collection.”

Gauguin and the ImpressionistsMasterpieces from the Odrupgaard Collection will be on display at the Royal Academy until the 18th October.

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