Interview With….Jamie Chapman Dixon and John-Webb Carter

The pair chatted to Emma Clarendon about the Theatre Producer Portal.  

Could you explain how the Theatre Producer Portal works? The Portal works by giving resources, connections, and access to areas of the industry that may otherwise be hard to enter. There are over forty five separate aspects to the Portal ranging from job opportunities, link ups with investors, and mentorships. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your
career, it has been designed to help everyone. All aspects are within the members area which takesa couple of minutes to sign up to via the website.

How did the concept for the project come about? It was back in 2014 when I was taking on a job within a venue and didn’t have any need for the
investors I had at the time. I wanted to make sure other people within the industry were able to have access to this investment, so I decided to share them with others. This list has now grown to over seven hundred investors and I am hoping it will be the way people raise funds moving forward. When John came on board last year, we decided to expand the site to the version it is now to not just be about investment but to help producers, writers and investors of all levels achieve their goals.

How do you hope that the Theatre Producer Portal will help those in the industry? We hope that the Portal helps open doors for people and connect people who are at the top of their game with those who are just starting. The industry can be an incredibly big an unforgiving place and
we want to help make everyone that little bit closer.

This has been such a difficult time for the theatre industry – do you think that it will change how things happen in creating new pieces of theatre when indoor performances are allowed to take place again? The industry is in survival mode at the moment, but this has proven the strong will and spirit of everyone who contributes to it. The industry will adapt and come back stronger than ever due to the incredible people within it. We hope the portal can be a big part of this.

For those who are interested how can they sign up? 
If you go via our website – you can sign up very easily and quickly.

By Emma Clarendon

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