Opinion: Why I Love the Victoria and Albert Museum

Having recently reopened its doors to visitors for the first time since lockdown, Emma Clarendon explains why she loves paying a visit to the museum.

There have been plenty of cultural venues that I have missed being able to visit since lockdown in March – but the Victoria and Albert Museum is certainly one that really tops the list.

Filled with such a diverse range of objects, divided neatly and effectively into sections – all of which are elegantly presented it is hard not to discover something new every time you visit – even outside the stunning and diverse exhibitions that it puts on.

From fashion and theatre to China and Japan, the Victoria and Albert Museum has simply one of the most stunning collections in any museum that I have visited.

Despite everything feeling a bit different right now – queueing to get in, plenty of hand sanitiser, one way system and timed entry to get in – this actually feels a better way to enjoy and explore the Victoria and Albert Museum without having to deal with crowds. This in turn allows visitors to really take a chance to explore and enjoy the museum at their own pace.

There is plenty of space to really enjoy yourself and even potentially find a quiet spot in the museum to have to yourself thanks to the restricted numbers allowed in as well as helping you to discover new spots that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. This for me included a gallery which included stunning pieces of gold and silver as well as the delicate miniatures on display.

On a more personal basis, I do tend to find it a very soothing atmosphere – time seems to slow down and it is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life for a couple of hours. It is not an overwhelming place to visit – it allows you to take in as much as you would like, without every pressurising visitors to see the whole place.

In terms of its exhibitions, there is a consistently high standard of displays – including at the moment its Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition which had only been open for a matter of weeks before having to shut due to lockdown. The other exhibitions intended for this year have had to be postponed to other dates – but they are equally expected to set the bar high presentation wise.

Overall, the Victoria and Albert Museum is a gorgeous venue with plenty to see and do at your own pace. Everything is elegantly displayed and fascinating to look at – always worth a look around.

To visit the V&A you must pre-book tickets and ensure that you have a face covering to wear around.

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