REVIEW: We Were Having a Perfectly Nice Time, Omnibus Theatre

Pedro Leandro’s short play is sharp and pacy – but is in need of further development.

(c)Erica Belton

Sharply funny and cynical, Pedro Leandro’s play certainly captures the audience’s attention – but at 25 minutes long it is too short to really get a grasp on exactly what is happening.

Starring straightforward at the audience- with no real eye contact throughout, two nameless flatmates throw cynical opinions about love and each other – until one makes an unexpected revelation that slightly changes the tone of what happens.

Taking place in the intimate space of the Omnibus Theatre, it certainly feels as though the audience could potentially connect to the characters – except for the fact the characters are so deeply cynical that it is difficult to emotionally connect or sympathise with them.

This being said, there is potential to be found in Pedro Lendro’s script, sharply funny in places with plenty of great lines that make the audience pay attention. In turn, this allows for a nice rhythm to be found in the delivery that keeps the audience invested in what each character says.

However, at twenty five minutes in length there is plenty of things that are left unanswered with regards to the two flatmates own developing and changing relationship. Particularly as one goes off on a date – how does she get on? How can the pair’s relationship be fixed? Ultimately you are left wanting more.

Both Stephanie Booth as the lovestruck flatmate and Hannah Livingstone as the jaded one, offer excellent comic timing in their roles that manage to keep the audience engaged. They both highlight characters who have plenty to say but don’t always manage to express it well – leading them to making cruel jibes about each other. The way in which every line is delivered is filled with detailed meaning is impressive given how cynical both characters are. It is a real battle of words.

Overall, We Were Having a Perfectly Nice Time deserves further development to really get to the heart of both the characters and how they have ended up the way they have. But it is still an entertaining twenty five minutes as it stands.

By Emma Clarendon

We Were Having a Perfectly Nice Time continues to play at the Omnibus Theatre until the 24th October.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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