This immersive time machine of musical history is socially distanced fun – ideal distraction from the problems of the world.

©Nobby Clark

Taking audiences back into American musical history time from 1950’s rock n’ roll era all the way back to the joy 1918’s ragtime, this new COVID-19 compliant show is a perfect means of escapism.

As well as a celebration of the return of live immersive performance, Lockdown Town is also a reminder of the joy of live music and perfect viewing for music lovers craving a bit of live performances from talented musicians and performers.

It is a show that does manage to capture a sense of theatricality as we follow a young woman on her way to Tulsa while exploring some of the best American music genres. As the audience wonders through each room, the attention to detail that has gone into Casey Jay Andrews’ design is extraordinary. In particular, our visit to the New Orleans has a wonderfuly vibrant carnival feel, while the jazz bar has a warmly cosy and intimate feel. You genuinely feel as though you are in each decade.

©Nobby Clark

Through Kerri Mclean’s seamlessly put together production, Lockdown Town, while COVID-19 compliant, does feel as though it really brings people together and feels like a joyous celebration of music and live performance.

But underneath the joy and fun, there is a darker tone underneath – particularly when the young woman we follow arrives in Tulsa. It is an element that is powerful and chilling, yet it feels as though it deserved to be covered in more depth – particularly with regards to everything that has been happening in America.

©Nobby Clark

This aside, Lockdown Town is all about entertaining and this it certainly does in abundance. There is great energy in the performances that literally makes you want to get up and dance (as many of us in the audience did) and it is extremely difficult not to be swept away by it all. Imaginative fun while keeping audiences safe is not an easy thing to achieve – Lockdown Town and One Night Records manage to do it effortlessly.

By Emma Clarendon

Lockdown Records continues to perform at One Night Records until the 30th December 2020.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐