This latest concert from Seth Rudetsky was an emotionally charged performance from The Greatest Showman star.

Featuring a refreshingly diverse collection of songs and plenty of reflective moments, this latest in The Seth Concert Series felt particularly poignant and effortless in way it captured Settle’s musical style as well as her personality.

From discussing her musical influences including Betty Grable to perfectly breaking into an improvised rendition of ‘This Little Light of Mine’, this concert had plenty to offer entertainment wise – but also in terms of emotion.

Keala Settle might be best known for singing ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman, but to hear her talking of how difficult it was for her to relate to the song when she still had plenty of issues that she was struggling with – shows what a sensitive and compassionate person she is as she discussed the many messages she received from people after the song was first heard.

But this concert was also filled with a wonderful range of different songs that really capture the strength and control that she has over her voice. In particular, her renditions of ‘Candle on the Water’ and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ show the depth and range of her voice perfectly.

Elsewhere, her joy and enthusiasm at performing ‘I Had the Craziest Dream’ written by Harry Warren (42nd Street) and Mack Gordon was a real pleasure to witness as was her version of ‘Don’t Cry for Me’. Her strength musically is capturing the pure emotion of these songs and it really pays off.

But she has also played a diverse range of roles on Broadway not least Tracy Turnblad that she seems happy to revisit, with a really bouncy rendition of ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ which was not an easy thing to stage (she also touchingly remembered her dressers names on the show) had it not been for the help of her dressers as well.

It was moments like this that made the concert feel particularly intimate and personal that by the end you feel so disappointed that its over. A wonderfully sensitive and thoughtful performance from Settle and Rudetsky.

By Emma Clarendon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐