We rounded up the reviews for this immersive production based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

© Mark Senior

WhatsOnStage: *** “Alexander Wright’s adaptation veers wildly between neat passages from Fitzgerald’s text and other bits of ad hoc dialogue. Granted, as an immersive piece with multiple scenes occurring simultaneously, it makes sense for things to be distilled and stretched, but tonally it never really fits together cohesively.”

The Guardian: **** “At first its headiness feels nervy and forced, but the audience interaction and unrehearsed intimacies of immersive theatre are ultimately a welcome antidote, and balm, for our times.”

The Arts Desk: *** “the evening is a warm and electric tribute to a book that never fails to astonish in its attempt to chronicle a generation trying to bury the mass tragedy of war with manic hedonism.”

The Telegraph: *** “The return of the hit show is a tonic, but a restricted ‘immersive’ experience rather hampers the fun.”

London Theatre1: **** “It was, however, all-in-all a spectacular party, just as one might expect to be thrown by the mysterious, elusive Jay Gatsby (Oliver Towse). It’ll be hard to find a more enjoyable night out this side of the twenties.”

London Theatre.co.uk: *** “Everything you’d expect from a show set in the 1920s is there: the Charleston, the bob hair cuts, the constant talk about motor cars. But it’s missing the exorbitant lavishness that you get from the original.”

The Great Gatsby will continue to perform at Immersive LDN until the 31st January 2021. To book tickets visit: Love Theatre.com, Encore Tickets, See Tickets, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, From the Box Office and London Theatre Direct.