Review Round Up: Love Goes by Sam Smith

The singer/songwriter has released his new album. Here’s what critics have had to say about it….

The Observer: *** “indeed there’s a refreshing, untethered lightness of mood and touch here, and more interesting music than Smith has lent their nervy vocal flourishes to before.”

The Guardian: ** “Its gloom feels more amenable than that of The Thrill of It All: at no point here does Smith’s falsetto sound as eerie as it did on that album’s No Peace, and its shifts in musical style never obstruct its familiarity.”

The Times: *** “Love Goes builds on the tender-voiced R&B style of the first two albums by going towards pure pop and, as is the way with big pop albums these days, a small army of co-writers have come on board to ensure maximum commercial viability.”

Rolling Stone: *** “As always, Smith’s voice is lustrous and versatile, swooping into the husky depths of the LP’s darker, reflective passages and skylarking over the more upbeat moments, displaying a rich, androgynous athleticism.”

The Independent: *** “Musically, there are fitful moves away from the slick soul-pop with which they are most closely identified – “Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)” is a pleasingly upbeat Robyn-esque club track, while the bold, whooshing bass in the bonus track “How Do You Sleep?”, in which Smith is poleaxed by their lover’s lack of shame, yields a similarly energising slap around the chops. But, for the most part, the mood here is pensive, the ballads plentiful and the pace glacial, with little evidence of the wild abandon that the singer supposedly longs for.”

NME: *** ” ‘Love Goes’ does possess a handful of pop- and radio-friendly tracks, but at its core its Smith’s knack for sap and soul – and their singular, chilling vocals – that forms the base of the record.”

MusicOMH: ** 1/2 “The trouble is that too many tracks seem content to wallow in blandness. Another One reads like an open letter to Smith’s former boyfriend, with talk of “dodging bullets” and references to new lovers and moving on, but there’s no passion in the delivery, the song’s light dance beats sounding more like an accompaniment to buying a new shirt in Topman rather than crying on the dancefloor.”

Irish Times: *** “Smith has said of the album that it is more pop-oriented than 2014’s In the Lonely Hour and 2017’s The Thrill of It All, but the spine here is actually constructed of interlocking, virtually unbreakable ballads.”

Evening Standard: **** “As ever, they’re having love life trouble, but now the heartbreak is happening on the dancefloor. Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else) is the liveliest moment, Smith’s extraordinary falsetto perfectly suited to a thudding house beat and frantic strings.”

Love Goes is available to buy and download now.

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