Kylie’s immensely enjoyable album is filled with plenty of danceable tunes.

Filled with sophisticated disco inspired songs, there is no denying that this latest album from Kylie is exactly the album that we need right now.

With songs such as ‘Magic’ and ‘Real Groove’, there is a real sense of joy and willingness to get up, dance and have fun – which is exactly what we all need to do at the moment. Keeping up the level of energy that the album as a whole for anyone else would be difficult, but Kylie certainly is determined to ensure that those listening (and after a couple of listens singing along to) keeps thoroughly invested in each song.

It is also to her credit that there is not a single wrong step on Disco, no song that makes you wince or feels awkwardly placed. It is a seamless record that feels like another classic Kylie album but taken up an extra notch. The cool and sophisticated sound is evident on every track, but seems particularly sharp on ‘Where Does the DJ Go?’ and ‘Unstoppable’.

Elsewhere, ‘Monday Blues’ is certainly a song that I will also be using in the future to cure my beginning of the week blues thanks to its playful catchiness that makes it difficult not to smile. This is another thing that makes Kylie such a likeable singer and performer – the way in which she is able to tap into people’s moods to create a fun song but with plenty of sincerity. This is also evident on ‘I Love It’ in which she encourages us to “dance through the darkness” – it is a bold, uplifting and encouraging song that really invigorates the listener.

The album soars thanks to its sheer exuberance and confidence in what it is selling – pure fun. As mentioned earlier, this is an album with so many highlights that it is difficult to select which tracks are the best as each offers something so very different from the previous. Songs such as ‘Supernova’ really dazzles with its lavish sound, but equally impressive is the vibe on ‘Miss a Thing’.

Overall, Disco is a delightfully playful and entertaining album that really lifts the listeners mood from start to finish.

By Emma Clarendon

Disco is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐