NEWS: Casting Announced for Frostbite, Who Pinched My Muff ? at The Garden Theatre

The adult pantomime is the first to take place at The Garden Theatre at The Eagle.

Written by Gareth Joyner (alter ego of BGT finalist Myra Dubois) and directed by Robert McWhir, casting has been confirmed for the new adult pantomime.

Running at The Garden Theatre from the 3rd December until the 10th January, the production is set to star: Bessy Ewa (Greta), Tom Keeling (Bergermeister Kai), James Lowrie (Lumiukko), Kingsley Morton (Fairy Snowflake), Shelley Rivers (Garbo), Nathan Taylor (Demon Frostbite) and Dereck Walker (Dame Herda Gerda).   

The generically Germanic alpine village of Vaüxhallen is a happy place where all are honest and true. Quite frankly it’s nauseating, and no one thinks this more than the villainous human-hating Demon Frostbite, whose mission it is to freeze the hearts of all mankind! With his sights sets on our warm-hearted friend Dame Herda Gerda, will Fairy Snowflake thwart his evil plans with a flurry of her magic? What about Lumiukko, our loveable snowman friend? Perhaps our hero Garbo will save the day and chop down the Beanstalk? Is that even the right show? Who knows! 

Meanwhile, the creative team for the production is set to include: choreography by William Spencer, musical direction by Aaron Clingham, designs by David Shields, lighting design by Richard Lambert and casting by Anne Vosser. It is prodced by Peter Bull for LAMBCO Productions.

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