Booking is now open for this new digital interactive production from Morpheus.

Locked Down is a brand new theatrical experience which offers those participating a piece of immersive theatre from the comfort of their own home.

Hosted online by live actors, the experience invites audiences in groups of six to close their eyes and letMorpheus take control as they are guided on a terrifying and imagination-bending sonic adventure.

Taking place via zoom, each person participating will be wearing headphones and a blindfold as they embark on a journey like no other.

A clock strikes, darkness falls and the game begins… Everything depends on you!
You wake to find yourself in a strange dystopian facility. Memories distorted – a jigsawpuzzle of violence and horror. What happened here? As you explore your new surroundings, the pieces begin to slot together. There was a deadly virus. A frantic search for a cure. Mass panic. Civil unrest. Riots. A war.There is now just one hope for civilization: you.

Before you book, please note that this show might not be suitable for anyone who is pregnant or who suffers from epilepsy,
claustrophobia or anxiety.

For more information and to book for the experience visit: