REVIEW: Young Dumb Thrills by McFly

Mcfly are back with a brand new and more grown up sound – but still with hints of nostalgia along the way.

Ten years on from ‘Above the Noise’, McFly are back with a brand new album that shows how things have changed for them in the last decade by offering a new sound.

While song such as ‘Like I Can’ and ‘Tonight is the Night’ sound like McFly as we know and love them, there is also a slightly more edgier sound that allows the listener and fans to see them in a new light.

The title track for example featuring Rat Boy, placed squarely in the middle of the album, is certainly bold and assertive way of highlighting that they have done some growing up but still wanting to have fun with the music that they create. This is perhaps not the strongest song on the album but you do still get the idea of what the band are trying to deliver.

It has to be said that as a record, Young Dumb Thrills certainly has something for everyone on it. From the upbeat and joyous ‘Happiness’ which has a lovely quirky and enjoyable rhythm about it, to a more reflective tone as heard on songs such as ‘Mad About You’ and ‘Another Song About Love’.

The diversity of sounds musically applied to the album mean that it is always filled with surprises and the listener is never truly sure what is coming next. This is particularly highlighted through numbers such as ‘Head Up’ and ‘You’re Not Special’ – both tracks offering a great mixture of tones and rhythms that keep the listener engaged with what they are hearing.

Overall, it is a fun and vibrant album that marks a welcome return for McFly.

By Emma Clarendon

Young Dumb Thrills is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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