The London gallery will present Metal, Ink and Dye: Late Works from Captiva Island from the 13th January until the 27th March.

Flue, Robert Rauschenberg, 1980

On display from January, this newly announced exhibition will be the gallery’s first London exhibition of works by Robert Rauschenberg (1928-2008).

Metal, Ink and Dye: Late Works from Captiva Island will concentrate on Rauschenberg’s metal assemblages from the Glut series (1986-89 and 1991-94) and a selection of innovative dye-transfer works from the Anagram (A Pun) (1997- 2000) and Short Stories (2000-2002) series.

Rauschenberg found sanctuary on small sun-drenched island just off the coast of Florida, called Captiva. It was here on this island that proved to be the place where Rauschenberg created some of his most remarkable and challenging works.

In this exhibition, Bastian will uncover uncover a selection of works from this late period on Captiva Island which showcase not only Rauschenberg’s use of ink transfers and printing technology but his use of metal in ever more imaginative and inventive ways.

Witnessing first-hand the desolation caused by a recessive Texan economy struggling to stay afloat due to a glut in the oil market in the early 80’s, Rauschenberg’s Glut sculptures narrate an American obsession with lavish extravagance which is part social criticism, part automotive/industrial relic, but fundamentally absolute Americana.

For decades, Rauschenberg had relied heavily on the photo-sensitive silkscreen process but, by the late 1990’s, the artist was craving a new immediacy in his printing. In 1996/7, Rauschenberg developed a far more elegant technique to introduce photographs and magazine clippings into
his work. Using a glorified form of ‘decal’ printing – the artist would saturate magazine images with solvent, such as lighter-fluid, until the printing inks loosened – he would then flip the image over and place it face down onto a new sheet and softly rub the reverse until a ghost image was
created on the new paper/fabric. This versatile and innovative technique is exemplified by both Award, 1979 and Flue, 1980.

Metal, Ink and Dye: Late Works from Captiva Island will be on display at Bastian from the 13th January until the 27th March.