NEWS: Brand New Web Series The Vicky Vox Project to Launch on YouTube

It has been announced that a brand new reality web-series starring Vicky Vox will be released throughout November and December.

It’s Summer 2020 and the Hollywood-based drag queen Vicky Vox can’t perform live. She can only hug those in her household, which currently consists of the unassuming Bichon-Poodle, Biscuit; a vast quantity of snacks and, of course, her plants. When Vicky’s theatre director friend Tom calls from London with a proposal to create a live stage show, she turns to part-time roommate Paul, currently residing in Vegas, for advice.

With the entire team unable to meet in person, two producers, James and Robin, bring on board comedy writer Beth to begin planning their live return in 2021. Will they be able to create an entire show from scratch without ever once being in the same room together?

Inspired by love of live performance and a passion for drag and queer culture, the new web series will offer insight into the creative process of making a show during a pandemic, with a drag queen, across multiple time zones and explores the artistic vision, design concepts and music creation.  

With the first episode available to watch on YouTube now, the series has been written by Beth Granville, directed by Tom O’Brien, edited by Dan Thomas, Sarah Breese and Samuel Lloyd and has been executively produced by James Quaife and Robin Rayner.

Talking about the news, Producers James Quaife and Robin Rayner of New Frame Productions said, “Without the restrictions of Covid-19 we’d never have the opportunity to collaborate with these brilliant creative people from all across the world. With the last 8 months being a difficult time for so many in the entertainment industry, it’s also enabled us to reimagine the way we work, opening up new opportunities to defy the rules and reframe our stages.”

Filmed remotely, in isolation, predominantly in the US and produced, directed and edited in the UK, the web-series will be released on New Frame Productions YouTube channel with a live show scheduled for 2021. The series also features Cindy Lin, Paul Michael Gibbs and Renée Lamb and special star guests scheduled to appear in future episodes.

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