REVIEW: Infinite Things by Paloma Faith

The singer’s fifth studio album and follow up to 2017’s The Architect is filled with drama and shows the diverse range in which she is able to use her voice.

Paloma Faith’s distinctive vocals and songs that seem to soar have served her well over the last four albums and with Infinite Things this certainly continues.

Yet with her fifth album, it certainly feels as though she is certainly more experimental with her brand of music – particularly early on the record with songs such as ‘Gold’ and ‘Supernatural’ sounding particularly vibrant and confident. With these tracks in particular you get a real sense of just how adaptable her vocals are to a range of styles.

But it is not just vocally that she proves to be more flexible – it is also the style of music itself that she is producing, with songs such as ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Monster’ providing a real dance vibe to the album. ‘Monster’ in particular sounds bold – even if at times it feels as though the lyrics are slightly lost behind some of the production elements.

In contrast to the first half of the album, the second sounds slightly more reflective and thoughtful, particularly ‘If This is Goodbye’ – a gorgeously haunting song and ‘Better Than This’ – which highlights how well her vocals work when set against against the piano and string elements, before building into something more dramatic.

This sense of drama while offering a real theatricality to the sound can feel slightly overwhelming in places, as heard on ‘Me Time’. It would be lovely to hear something a bit more understated so that the listener can really make the most of the poetic lyrics.

It is a solid album with plenty to enjoy – but it would be lovely to hear something that perhaps doesn’t rely so much on being over the top musically to try and make it stand out.

By Emma Clarendon

Infinite Things is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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