NEWS: Mischief Movie Night to Run in Place of Magic Goes Wrong

Mischief Theatre have announced a change to its festive season.

It has been confirmed that instead of Magic Goes Wrong playing at the Vaudeville Theatre this Christmas, the theatre company will be presenting Mischief Movie Night from the 9th December.

Meanwhile, Magic Goes Wrong will now return to the Vaudeville Theatre in October 2021, where it hopes to continue to play without social distancing rules in place. The show will also embark on a UK tour as soon as it is possible.

Mischief Theatre’s improvisation show will star Henry Lewis as Not Sure, Dave Hearn as No Idea, Nancy Zamit as Don’t Know Yet and Jonathan Sayer as ???. They will be joined alongside musicians Richard Baker and Yshani Perinpanayagam.

Mischief return to their comedy roots this festive season with Mischief Movie Night, the improvised movie live on stage! You suggest a genre, location and title and the  Mischief improvisers will bring the show to life, complete with rewinds, fast forwards, directors cuts and a live score.

Talking about the news, producer Kenny Wax said: “Alongside the need for Stage 5 of the Culture Secretary’s roadmap allowing us to open up without social distancing and the need for a government backed insurance scheme, audience participation is right at the heart of the experience of Magic Goes Wrong. We frequently bring patrons onstage to assist in the illusions as well as performing close magic tricks to them in their seats. This feels out of step with current coronavirus advice on this particular production until social distancing can be relaxed. We feel it is better to postpone the show until a time when it can be presented to its full potential.”

Mischief Movie Night will run from the 9th December until the 31st January.

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