From the 2nd December, Shapero will open a new Emporium alongside a suite of offices solely for Rare Books based in its New Bond Street location.

This new Emporium will bring together an array of objects under one roof including pieces from Shapero Rare Books, Shapero Gallery and Shapero Modern being displayed alongside objects from majolica specialist Justin Raccanello, BBC 1 Antiques Roadshow furniture dealer Lennox Cato,
leading Islamic and Indian gallery Kent Antiques, antique Arms and Armour specialist Peter Finer, and furniture dealer Thomas Colbourn & Sons, curated by renowned architectural designer Malcolm

Talking about the news Malcolm Winyard said: “I was absolutely delighted to be invited by Bernard Shapero to help create his new gallery space – the first ground-floor book and print shop in New Bond Street. Knowing the
broad range of material which Bernard sells, from books by well-known authors such as Charles Dickens, to prints by Andy Warhol, I wanted to provide a classic background with a contemporary twist. By carefully curating the furniture within the space and using contemporary colours from London’s oldest paintmakers Mylands, we have created an interior which perfectly highlights the pieces which Bernard and I have chosen to display.”

The Emporium will feature a selection of 18th and 19th century English and Continental antiques and furniture from Thomas Coulborn & Sons. A highlight of their works on display is a late 18th century carved oak bust of romantic English hero Major John André. At the end of the 18th century,
André was one of the most celebrated figures of the day on both sides of the Atlantic. Hanged as a spy in 1780 by American forces during the War of Independence, he was mourned by GeorgeWashington just days after his death as ‘an accomplished man and gallant officer’ (in a letter to
Colonel John Laurens, 13th October 1780).

Meanwhile, furniture will also be displayed from Lennox Cato, who specialises in 18th and 19th century English furniture and related decorative items. This will include a large and impressive walnut and marble top centre and a pair of 18th century Dutch floral marquetry burr walnut chairs.

Peter Finer, a specialist gallery dealing in antique Arms
and Armour from the Bronze Age to the 19th century has included objects such as a French Prisoner of War Ship Model, from around 1800.

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