We chatted to Orla about upcoming online event The Delight Before Christmas.

What can audiences expect from The Delight Before Christmas?Fun, Frollicks and Family Festivities. It’s an evening of Christmas Music, Jokes and Stories. Sure to make even the most grinchiest of grinches full of the Christmas Spirit.

Being an online event has it been tricky to put together? Not as tricky as you think it might be. I had a wonderful director/producer and an amazing editor to make me fabulous at all times.

How would you describe The Delight Before Christmas? We wanted to bring theatre into peoples homes so the best way to describe it is- All the fun of a Christmas Theatre show but in your living room. So pour yourself a hot chocolate, get a cuddly blanket and snuggle up with your loved ones and fill yourself with Christmas Joy.

Have you got a favourite Christmas story? I think the classics are the best. Things like A Christmas Carol but I actually prefer the Muppets
take on it. This show has actually opened my eyes to some more modern Christmas stories so I now have a greater appreciation for those too.

What do you love most about Christmas? What’s not to love. The glitter, the lights. A Drag queen will always favour something that sparkles.

What would you say is your favourite festive film is? I will watch practically ANYTHING with Christmas in it. I love old movies like ‘The Bishops Wife’ through to new movies like ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ and everything in between. The ones I keep going back to are ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘Elf’, ‘White Christmas’ and ‘National Lampoons’.

Why should people tune in for The Delight Before Christmas? Because I’m in it!!! It’s so much fun and sooooo Christmassy. We knew rehearsing it that it is exactly what is needed this year. Not only for us but especially for the audience. Besides it’s also the premier of my Christmas Music video!

By Emma Clarendon

The Delight Before Christmas will be streaming on the 12th and 13th December.