NEWS: Playing ON Theatre Company to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

The company are set to celebrate this milestone by providing new training and education schemes and developing their community of

Over the last decade, Playing ON has been helping their associates to grow as facilitators and writers – mentoring emerging practitioners, delivering training and leading intensive devising programmes.

To date, the company has produced three full-scale theatre productions to date and worked with prisoners and prison staff, mental health service users and NHS staff, hospital patients, drama students, those in recovery for addiction, young people in care and youth offending teams.

Playing ON is working in collaboration with Rose Bruford College and their Masters students, and Lewisham College on a piece called UNshore. The show is a verbatim exploration of gender fluidity, non- binary identities and sexuality through the prism of fish in an aquarium. They are also working with the East London NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a project about coproduction mental health contexts, working with service users, medical and non-medical mental health staff, as well as developing their partnership with Drilling Diamonds, working with young Black

Talking about the company, Artistic Director Jim Pope said: “Philip(Osment) and I had a vision to create a permanent theatre company, which would enable disenfranchised people to have their voices heard in community spaces and in theatres. A lot has happened since we started in 2010… Philip is sadly no longer with us having passed away last year; he left a powerful legacy of theatre practice as a tool for transforming people’s lives. As lives become more isolated and the gap between rich and poor widens during the pandemic, the need for our work has increased. We have made it to the ten- year mark and I am now convinced that we will be playing on for many years to come.”

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