Having had its run affected twice by the ongoing pandemic, Luke Sheppard’s production has been made available to watch online. Here’s what critics have said about it…

Broadway World: **** “Those lucky enough to be in the room for the few live performances of this production have bragging rights for life. For those who are word perfect or watching Rent for the first time, this version certainly does the material justice.”

The Guardian: *** “On all other accounts, this is a smooth, well-rounded production that smartly marshals a large cast in a small space, though at times it feels as if the desire to keep the stage busy is prioritised over telling the story cleanly and clearly.”

Pocket Size Theatre: **** “Hope Mill Theatre have yet again provided a remarkable revival of a classic; paying homage to the original brilliance of the show, yet putting their stamp on it.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “The storytelling and consistently magnetic performances pound with this dazzling energy, while also understanding when to pull back with the sensitivity to explore the harshest suffering.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “As we have come to expect from Hope Mill, balance of sound between the actors and the onstage band, under the musical direction of Chris Poon, is judged to perfection; powerful enough to deliver its punch but never overwhelming itself.”

Attitude.co.uk: “Jocasta Almgill lights up the stage as Joanne every time she comes on. But the real star partnership is Dom Hartley-Harris as Collins and Alex Thomas-Smith as Angel. They create a delightful, detailed and deeply moving romance. Smith sings, struts and reads others perfectly, everyone’s new favourite Angel. And when Hartley-Harris’s wonderfully expressive voice rings out the pained reprise of ‘I’ll Cover You’, it is simply gut-wrenching.”

North Westend.com: “Director Sheppard succeeds in mining the humour of RENT in a way I have not seen before. Consequently, some songs had new depth and meaning revealed, ‘Tango Maureen’ and ‘Over the Moon’ both falling firmly into this category.”

thejc.com: ***** “They sing superbly well. To identify one over others might be unfair. Still, while Anderson’s grounded Mark anchors the show, among the roof-raisers demanding a mentioned are Alex Thomas-Smith as the beautiful-in-mind-and-body transvestite Angel, and Millie O’Connell as performance artist Maureen. Her duet with lover Joanne (Jocasta Almgill) is worthy of a replay, one of the few silver linings that go with streaming a show.”

RENT is available to watch online until the 20th December by booking here.


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