Interview With…Leda Douglas

We chatted with the actress about starring in Iris Theatre’s The Snow Queen: An Online, Storytelling Adventure.

Hi Leda – could you start by explaining about what The Snow Queen is about? Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, “The Snow Queen” follows a young boy who is cursed with an inability to perceive goodness. His best friend Gerda then goes on a journey to rescue him, and his goodness, from captivity in The Snow Queen’s Palace. Iris Theatre’s online adaptation uses clever effects, 3D animations and even puppets to take the audience on a journey to complete the story and rescue Pip.

What was it about the concept for the production that made you want to be involved? First of all I love Christmas. So to be involved in a Christmas production at this time is an absolute dream. I also think it’s a very timely production that not only gets you in the Christmas spirit but has
a beautiful message about love (which when you see multiple faces interacting with a story via Zoom is very moving). I also have a background in all things nerdy so love technical challenges.

Given that it is interactive and is going to depend on technology – it must have been difficult to put together? It probably will be (as I write we’re still building it) but I’ve done a few productions now via Zoom
and recognise what a fantastic playing space it can be. Though you’re limited to a screen there are so many ways you can create an engaging story using digital tricks and a creative team, which this
production is putting together.

Could you tell me about your character Holly? Holly is the narrator and only live action character in the story. She and her trusted friend Pip (a 3D
animated story elf) love creating stories from their Laboratory of Stories, Myths & Fables. On this occasion it turns out to be The Snow Queen.

What can young members of the audience expect? Expect laughing, singing and lots of mischief with creatures from magical lands. They can also expect to be involved every step of the way to help tell the story. Turns out there are a lot of ingredients needed to make a good story and Holly and Pip are going to need their help!

How has it been working with Iris Theatre on the production? It’s been great (that’s what they told me to say… help!) Just kidding. They’ve been fabulous and, with the help of writer and director Natasha Rickman, are pulling out all the stops to make sure it is an exciting production for the whole family. As I’ll be the only actor they’ve been doing a great job of
making sure I have all the equipment I need while performing from home.

Finally, with Christmas coming up – what do you love about Christmas? I love Christmas food, sitting round the table with loved ones and bingeing my favourite moves.

By Emma Clarendon

The Snow Queen: An Online, Storytelling Adventure will be available to watch online from the 19th to the 26th December.

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