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Filled with heaps of jokes, Potted Panto wonderfully condenses some classic pantomimes down into a 70 minute show.

(c) Geraint Lewis

Highly energetic, Potted Panto is an immensely enjoyable family show that is a real love letter to pantomimes – reminding us just how much a part of British culture panto is in all its silliness and just how sad it is that many haven’t been able to take place this year.

Created by Daniel Clarkson, Jefferson Turner and Richard Hurst it is an opportunity for audiences to catch all their favourite pantomimes in one go from Snow White to Jack and the Beanstalk – all the stories have been effectively condensed to hilarious effect.

Filled with great joy and enthusiasm, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner really throw themselves into every pantomime character as well as being the narrators of the panto journey that we experience. The script is filled with wonderful banter between the pair that enhances all the comedy even further. In particular, I enjoyed Jeff having to explain to Dan the traditions of pantomime and the way this then led to audience participation which of course clearly delighted the audience at the time this was filmed at the Garrick Theatre.

It really is a show that pulls out all of the stops – including some brilliantly flamboyant costumes that pay affectionate tribute to many outlandish panto outfits that we normally see. Everything about Potted Panto moves seamlessly from one story to the next, while ensuring that the true spirit of pantomimes are captured properly in the form of plenty of bad jokes including making Boris Johnson into the character of Dick Whittington.

Particular highlights of the show include an unexpected rendition of ‘U Can’t Touch This’ rapped by the evil queen in Snow White and the way in which the fairies of the North, West, East and South come from Yorkshire, America, Russia and Australia in Sleeping Beauty.

It does have to be said that perhaps some of the energy begins to run out towards the end during A Christmas Carol and Aladdin combination, with some elements feeling slightly repetitive – but is consistently clear that the audience are having a really good time, which is great to hear in this difficult times.

Potted Panto is silly, good natured fun that will delight audiences of all ages and is a real tonic to watch right now. If you need to boost your mood this is what you need to watch.

By Emma Clarendon

Potted Panto is currently streaming via Stream.Theatre until the 10th January. Further screenings will be available to watch from the 12th to the 24th January.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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