REVIEW: evermore by Taylor Swift

This second surprise album from the singer/songwriter is a thoughtful continuation of Folklore.

Taylor Swift as a songwriter really has beautiful way with words, with the way in which she expresses herself through song just mesmerising to listen to. Never has this been quite so strongly heard as it is on this latest album.

For example, ‘evermore’, the lyrics are wonderfully poetic and reassuring in the way it suggests that we may not know what is coming next – but we will get through it. It is definitely a song made for 2020. But there are darker elements to the album as can be heard through ‘no body no crime’ – very different in tone than anything else she has written for this album and is gripping to listen to as the narrative unfolds.

As always, there is a strong narrative core to Swift’s songs. Her ability to bring a variety of character’s stories to life through music is one of her key strengths. This is can be particularly heard through ‘Dorothea’ that examines how fame can go to your head extremely quickly or ‘Champagne Problems’ which highlights the breakdown of a relationship.

Particular standout tracks include ‘Willow’ a gorgeously romantic sounding song about love and desire all wrapped up in mythical sounding story. A truly beautiful song. Meanwhile, the narrative and lyrics behind ‘Cowboy like Me’ also stands out as it focuses on the unexpected relationship between two con artists who don’t want to fall in love – it has been expertly created and really draws you into the story from start to finish.

Throughout the album, Swift is able to draw on a huge range of different influences, mixing up the styles brilliantly and ensuring there are plenty of surprises along the way. This includes ‘happiness’ and ‘long story short’ – both of which are distinctive in completely different ways.

From start to finish, evermore flows with style – taking listeners on a exciting and beautiful narrative driven journey. This is definitely one of the singer’s strongest albums to date, proving that the folk style that she incorporated into her music suits her really well.

While the album is considered to be a continuation of folklore, it stands out on its own terms in terms of style and confidence that makes it really enjoyable to listen to.

By Emma Clarendon

evermore is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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