First Listen to….Folding For You by Maisy Beth Crunden

The debut single from the singer was written for Andrew McPherson’s upcoming film Paper Cranes.

Charmingly folksy in style, this debut single from the singer is certainly very delicate and sensitive that will perfectly enhance Andrew McPherson’s film that explores mental health, feeling lost, and
finding hope in isolation – just some of the themes that could be used to described about this year.

Yet, Maisy Beth Crunden’s song has a really strong narrative of its own as the girl in the song is looking for redemption and regrets a past action. This is relatable to anyone this year, during a time when we have all had more time to think on our regrets and need to move forward. It might be heartbreaking on the surface but there is a thread of hope that also emerges as the girl goes on this journey – it is not easy but it can be done.

It is a charming, elegant, thoughtful and heartfelt song that really captures the talents of the singer well. Her vocals are on point and convey just how deeply emotionally she feels connected to the song. It will be interesting to see what music she will release next.

Folding For You can be listened to through Spotify here. Paper Cranes will air its film premiere on the 1st January 2021.

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