NEWS: Theatr Clwyd Moves into Charitable Trust

The theatre and Flintshire County Council have announced that the venue will be leaving council control after 44 years.

This news arrives as the Flintshire County Council announce organisational changes and will allow Theatr Clwyd to align itself with all other major UK producing theatres and establish itself as a charitable trust with supporting trading subsidiaries.   

The alternative model as to how the theatre is run  has been a shared objective with Flintshire County Council during the past five years and will come into force from the 1st April 2021. 

This transition will mean that the theatre will be able to have greater control over its funding agreements allowing for better long-term planning, and the ability to create processes and governance structures specific to theatre operations. Meanwhile, for the council the move reduces the council’s infrastructural burden, whilst allowing them to continue funding the services provided by Theatr Clwyd including the delivery of world class cultural product, the county’s music service, and wider community wellbeing and resilience work. 

Liam Evans-Ford Executive Director of Theatr Clywd, today said, “This is a truly positive announcement following on from 18 months of detailed discussions and negotiations – a change that will enhance our long-standing partnership with Flintshire County Council. This will allow Theatr Clwyd to be more agile and efficient as a business, whilst sharing risk with our Local Authority to ensure we remain a major employer in the area, continue to deliver the highest standard of cultural product, and increase the valuable work within our local communities.”

This move comes as Theatr Clwyd has completed the public consultation period for a major Capital Redevelopment Project which will reimagine the theatre’s public spaces and create a greener, more efficient and sustainable building.

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