The singer’s latest album is a thoughtful look at love and the way in which it changes.

Soothing, elegant and thoughtful, Katie Melua’s latest album is a delicate record filled with songs of love and loss all tied effortlessly together.

Comprised of ten songs, it is an album that gets straight to the point, but it never feels rushed. Opening song ‘A Love Like That’ is a suitably poetic and tender song that sets the laid back tone of the album and the quality of Melua’s songwriting – which is flawless.

Through her beautiful vocals, the singer is able to capture just how deeply meaningful these songs are to her, with ‘Maybe I Dreamt it’ and ‘Airtime’ particularly standing out in this regard. In these songs it is difficult not to get lost into their meaning, causing the listener to really reflect on what these songs mean to them personally as well.

In terms of highlights, ‘English Manner’ really stands out as it rises and falls in a playful manner, making for a striking contrast to the opening song ‘A Love Like That’. Another enjoyable song is the jazzy sounding ‘Voices in the Night’ that is filled with atmosphere and a completely different tone to the rest of the album.

The whole album has a real dreamy feel to it, particularly captured on ‘Leaving the Mountain’ – one of the most delicate sounding songs on the album. Combined with Melua’s warm and crystal clear vocals, the song takes on an otherworldly feel that is beautiful.

While the lyrics have a real poetic quality to them and the vocals are soothing, the listener also gets a sense of emotional pain in the attempt to pick self up in the aftermath of the end of a relationship. It is a thoughtful, serious album that really captures the high standard of Melua’s songwriting abilities well.

Album No.8 is a gloriously honest look at love and loss that makes you sit up and pay attention in an understated way.

By Emma Clarendon

Album No.8 is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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