REVIEW: Alicia by Alicia Keys

This latest album from the singer is filled with such a rich range of style of music but still with her signature soulful twist.

Given this is the singer’s seventh studio album, Alicia Keys more than proves that she has plenty of creativity when it comes to writing music. The warm and soulful nature of this album ensures that the listener sits up and pays attention.

From start to finish there is a great depth to the music including the soulful sounds on ‘Perfect Way to Die’- a heartbreaking ballad about a grieving mother whose son has been shot by police and the quirky and funky ‘Time Machine’, this is a record filled with feeling that makes the most of the talents that Alicia Keys possesses.

With songs such as ‘Truth Without Love’, it reveals how the singer is able to compliment the music and vocals in interesting ways that somehow still reinforces exactly what she is good at when it comes to writing music.

There is also plenty of diversity and confidence on show, with tracks such as ‘3 Hour Drive’ and ‘Underdog’ really highlighting this. But this being said, nothing on this album is overblown – everything has a lovely understated quality about it. This can be particularly heard on ‘Show Me Love’, ‘You Save Me’ and ‘So Done’ which feature some beautiful vocals that make them standout songs on the record.

There is a real sense that Alicia Keys is really baring her soul on this album, making it feel really sincere and relatable in many ways. Songs such as ‘Authors of Forever’ that suggests that we are all in this together no matter what happens – a really heartfelt and grounded song.

Gorgeously soulful and genuine from start to finish, this is a sophisticated album from a gifted singer

By Emma Clarendon

The album is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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