The National Gallery has announced details of a new upcoming exhibition titled Poussin and the Dance.

Nicolas Poussin, A Bacchanalian Revel before a Term, 1632–3 © The National Gallery, London 

This newly announced exhibition is set to go on display at the gallery from the 9th October until the 2nd January 2022 and will primarily focus on the artist’s pictures of dancers and revellers.

Nicholas Poussin and his work has been considered to have had an influence on the work of other artists including Cézanne, Picasso and Bacon – but art historians have considered him to more philosopher than painter.

The National Gallery will hope to change this perceptive with Poussin and the Dance, which will open to the public this Autumn. This exhibition will include joyous images that feature whirling, cavorting figures who are either half-naked or too drunk to hold themselves up to show how he captured the movement and expressiveness of the body.

This display will include around twenty paintings and drawings from public and private collections around the world will be shown for the first time alongside some of the celebrated Classical antiquities that inspired them. It will concentrate specifically on Poussin’s early Roman career, from his arrival in the city in 1624 until about 1640 when he was called back to France to serve as First Painter to the King under Louis XIII.

Poussin and the Dance will be on display at the National Gallery from the 9th October 2021 until the 2nd January 2022.