REVIEW: Songs for the Drunk and Brokenhearted by Passenger

This new album from Passenger really reflects the emotional turmoil that we are all going through at the moment.

Filled with soulful melodies, this new album from Passenger is a thoughtful and heartfelt release that also reflects the emotional side of everything that everyone has been through in the last twelve months.

With songs such as album opener ‘Sword From the Stone’, there is an immediate intimate and personal feel to the album that makes you appreciate the music and lyrics of each track even more. But more than this it feels relatable – particularly with themes of love and heartbreak running all the way through it.

As always, Passenger’s vocals are wonderfully distinctive and filled with emotion. In particular songs such as the poetic sounding ‘Remember to Forget’ and ‘Nothing Aches Like a Broken Heart’ sound as though they have deep meaning as he sings the lyrics with gentleness and meaning.

It could be said that perhaps it is not the most positive or upbeat album in the world – but there is a real sincerity about the whole album that makes the listener sit up and pay attention. This can really be heard on the romantic ‘The Way That I Love You’, with lyrics including ‘Don’t let life break your heart’ – every lyric has been selected with great care and thought attached to it.

Meanwhile ‘A Song For The Drunk and Broken Hearted’ is perhaps the most sombre, reflecting on memories and life that you once had – which is something that we can all certainly relate to. But it is never preachy – always soulful and well grounded, it is sounds completely genuine.

But it is the final song on the album that feels particularly bittersweet, particularly given that spring in London last year was disrupted by the arrival of a certain virus. ‘London in the Spring’ is a wonderfully wistful and enjoyable song – may it not be long before we are all able to ‘watch the river Thames weaving like a needle through the town all the way down to the sea’ with no restrictions.

It is a genuinely lovely album to listen to. It soothes with its gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics that really suits these times. Well worth a listen or two.

By Emma Clarendon

Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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